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Parents Code of Conduct

As a parent or guardian of a child who is being permitted to participate in the Ambler Junior League Baseball program, I agree that I will observe the following Code of Conduct. I further understand that if I fail to observe this Code, or engage in any other acts or omissions which are regarded as being detrimental or injurious to the League as a whole, my child may be suspended or dismissed from participation in the program.

1. I understand, and will respect, the fact that my child's coaches' job is to ensure that the players on their team, and players on other teams, are provided a positive atmosphere in which they can safely learn and enjoy the game of baseball, while also learning the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and observance of the rules of the game (as well as other applicable League rules). While I expect that, at least in the upper Divisions, the teams will be competitive, in the sense that they will try their best, within the rules, to win their games, I understand that these objectives are secondary to the principles stated in the preceding sentence; and I understand that the coaches have been so instructed by the League. I will support the coaches in their efforts to implement these principles and instill these values in their players.

2. I understand that I am permitted, indeed encouraged, to voice support and encouragement for my child and my child's teammates, and to applaud their performances, in an adult and proper manner. Recognizing that my child and his or her teammates will be competing against others who are their neighborhood friends or schoolmates, I also understand that I am encouraged to applaud good performances by any players, regardless of the team on which they play. However, I also understand that there is a difference between cheering for someone and cheering against someone else. I will not berate, curse at, direct verbal abuse toward, or engage in heated or extended argument with, any person legitimately on or at the field of play, including my child, any other players (on any team), the coaches (of any team), the umpires, League officials, the parents or relatives of any other players, or any other spectators at the games or practices. I understand that if I cannot conform to these requirements, my child may be suspended or dismissed from a game or from the program, and I understand that the coaches have been directed to take such action if necessary.

3. While this should go without saying, I also understand and agree that I will not direct physical violence toward any person, including but not limited to my own child, while any such person is present at a game or organized practice.

4. I will affirmatively support the coaches and League in their efforts to provide an organized and enjoyable experience for my child and his or her friends. In particular, I will read, attempt to understand, and respond as appropriate to all communications, from the coaches or the League, directed to the parents or guardians of the players. Among other things, I will assure that my child is present and on time for all games and practices, and any other League activities in which he or she is participating; and if, on rare occasions, my child cannot be present or will be late for a particular game, practice, or other activity, I will assure that the coaches are informed sufficiently in advance for them to make appropriate plans.

5. Unless appointed a coaching assistant, I will try to avoid "coaching" from the stands myself. I understand the temptation to do so, and in this manner to "assist" the coaches in what they are trying to do, particularly when it comes to my own child or other children I know, and particularly if I think I know a little bit about the game of baseball myself. However, even though I may in fact know more than the coaches about a particular aspect of the game, I also understand that attempting to "coach" from the stands can undermine the coaches in what they are trying to do and can simply confuse the players. If I have particular observations or suggestions for particular players, or players playing particular positions, I will try to make those suggestions to the coaches, or ask their permission to make those suggestions to the players in question.

6. If I do not understand, or do not agree with, or have concerns about, anything that happens (or something that does not happen which I think should happen) during a game or practice, I will not voice my opinion then and there, unless asked to do so; and if asked to do so, I will communicate my concerns, questions, or opinions in a calm, rational, and adult manner, and in such a way as not to make a public spectacle of myself or any others on or at the field. Instead, I will approach the coaches at a later time, and in a private manner, to express my questions, concerns, or opinions in an adult and respectful manner. I understand that the coaches have been instructed to respond to these questions or expressions or concerns, if they are conveyed in the proper manner, and to explain their positions in a similarly adult and civilized manner, even if they ultimately do not agree with me.

7. If I do not understand, or do not agree with, or have concerns about, the manner in which my child's coaches are handling the team or my child, I will approach the coaches with these questions or concerns in an adult, civilized, rational, and private (that is, not in front of players or other parents) manner. If I am not satisfied with the response, or if I do not feel that I can comfortably address the issue with the coach, I understand that I may go to the Division Coordinator or League Commissioner, or an elected League Officer, with my questions or concerns. However, I will try to address these matters in the first instance with the coaches. I also understand that on many matters, there is room for differences of opinion, and that unless the coaches' opinions are clearly inconsistent with the values expressed in Paragraph 1, above, or their behavior is inconsistent with their Code of Conduct, the League will ordinarily defer to the coaches (who, after all, are the persons "in the arena" and the ones devoting substantial time and effort to managing a whole team).

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