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Players Code of Conduct

As a player participating in the Ambler Junior League Baseball program, I agree that I will observe the following Code of Conduct. I further understand that if I fail to observe this Code, or engage in any other acts or omissions which are regarded as being seriously detrimental to the interests of the League as a whole, I may be suspended or dismissed from participation in the program.

1. I will respect the decisions and instructions of my coaches, the umpires, and League officials. I will comply with their decisions, and I will not resist or argue with them. I understand that if I am being told to do something right away, but I am not sure that I understand the instructions, I may ask for further information. However, I will not challenge those instructions or decisions while I am on the field by asking "why". Instead, if I have questions about the "whys" of any of these decisions or instructions, I will wait until after the game or practice, when we can talk about it privately, and then I will ask my questions and listen to the answers.

2. I will not behave in a violent manner, or do anything which would expose any person on or at the field to unnecessary physical danger.

3. I will respect the property rights of the League and other persons participating in its programs. This means, among other things, that I will not intentionally throw or abuse the League's baseball equipment or the equipment of any other person.

4. I understand that I am encouraged to cheer for my team and my teammates. However, I will not curse, tease, or yell at any other person (including players on other teams, any coaches, or the umpires).

5. I understand that the League is trying to emphasize the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship, as well as providing me with a spirit of healthy competition and developing my skills as an individual player. I will participate in my team's activities in that spirit.

6. I also understand that my team, and its coaches, depend upon me to do my share for the team. Among other things, I will make sure that I am present and on time for all games and practices. If there is a rare occasion when I cannot be present for a game or practice, or won't be able to make it on time, I will make sure the coaches know about that in advance.

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